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DGT Bluetooth Chess Board

Charles Gamble

I used to play some chess when I was a kid, but I haven't played a game in years. My daughter has just joined a chess club at school and it got me thinking about the game again. I was never amazing at it but I did enjoy playing, so I decided recently to get back into it again.

Whilst looking for a new wooden chess board I came across some boards by DGT which can be connected to a computer either by USB cable or via Bluetooth. This allows you to play against the computer, or against someone over the internet, or use the computer to record your moves for later analysis.

I have always been interested in how computers play chess, I would love to write some chess software someday, so the geek in me couldn't resist one of these Bluetooth chess boards.

They are not cheap boards but I found the best prices from Ken at Doska Chess and ordered one last December. I believe they ship to the UK from either Holland or Germany and I was a little worried about what condition it would arrive in. Well I didn't need to worry as the board arrived extremely well packaged, with the corners very well protected.

Packaging Packaging Box Features Contents

I also got a DGT 3000 chess clock which connects to the board and displays the game time and the DGT carry bag which has pockets for 2 sets of chess pieces, the clock and any cables needed.

The board and pieces both look great and seem to work well so far. I'm looking forward to getting lots of use out of them as I get back into the game.

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